The "Fabula Loci" project

You are invited to contribute by taking a part in the cultural project.
One of the most interesting elements of this common heritage is represented by the articulated "world of fairy tales." The fairy tale is a story coming from the past. It speaks of ancient times, and so maintains all the charm of the elsewhere, but also sets elementary paths of existence involving all mankind. The "Fabula Loci" project is aimed to the formation of an European consciousness develop
creativity and increase the operational activities of the group of partners to spread the knowledge of territories and history, to improve collaboration and civic responsibility, to provide support for the development of innovative programs and
valorize the European intangible cultural heritage. The project intends to exchange experiences and best practices engaging the network of municipalities, city museums, universities, cultural organizations of local authorities in field of promoting knowledge on common history illustrated in folk tales as cultural heritage. Development of methodology to motivate a whole spectrum of participants. The bottom up strategy will be applied encouraging citizens to handle themselves intercultural cooperation with understanding and enjoyment of the values, rights and opportunities created by the EU.
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Halina Pawlik 

The „eMultipoetry” just began to cooperate with the new project „ePublisher” in the CREATIVE EUROPE Programme Michał Zabłocki will share his long experience in collective poetry creation establishing writing chats in the European countries with national moderators following his methodology. As part of the "Multipoetry: Poems on the Walls" we will additionally project the poems from: Lithuania, Portugal and Finland.

Association THE THIRD TRACK is a member of The Union of Associations MULTIKULTURA, implementing a number of projects together.


The aim of the Union of Associations MULTIKULTURA (M) is to promote equal opportunities of education & employment & combat marginalization of social groups. (M) promotes training activities in ICT, research in the field of the new methodologies of learning, conflict solution and in the labour market, analysis of employment, definition of new profiles, development of training curricula, identification of good practices; Project Management, consultancy for projects funded by European Commission; Dissemination and promotion initiatives, organization of seminars, courses to allow diffusion of the products developed.

(M) arranges & implements educational projects with application of audio-visual techniques in co-operation with the national television stations of PL, Germany, AT, Sweden, Slovakia, Belgium, 3SAT. The major objective of the (M) consists of guaranteeing universal and permanent access to the learning process, in view of training and improving the skills and competences.
The research team of (M) is strongly concerned with the issues of digitization of cultural materials & e-services for educational environments. (M) has implemented a new teaching curriculum emphasizing the e Learning use in knowledge management & perfecting communication and conflict solution process.

From 2005 (M) deploys courses in the e-learning formula. For example (M) delivers daily on-line classes on collective writing & translation by the self elaborated educational methods. Application of five cycles of education dawn-loadable on Education is targeted to a wide range of participants including children, elderly & the disabled. In 2004 Multikultura was nominated to the Evens Price for Intercultural Education for coordinating the project in title: "€œOthers are also us”. (M) also participated in the ATCLIMAT Cooperative Education Project and ATDIMPLEAT European Help desk for Intercultural Education. The Union specializes in exploitation of e Learning education & multimedia technology applying such methods like video films,television,internet,cellular telephone & even video games. The documentary films produced have been awarded at different European & USA film festivals & are now used by many schools in Europe as educational material: Universities of Gent, Berlin,Tel Aviv, Utrecht, Jagiellonian, Stockholm.


MULTIKULTURA Role in the EU projects:

- research and development of diagnostic instruments and methodologies
- project Website development & implementation
- provide e-learning, non-formal and informal education using it's own staff and facilities

- maintenance & updating of website including multimedia promotion
- coordinate Local and international promotion in local community and media

- production/editing final (DF) DVD-multimedia products
- international dissemination of the project outcomes in cooperation with local radio/TV stations


The following footage about examples of projects completed by MULTIKULTURA

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