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The Union of Associations Multikultura invites all who may be interested in the engagement with the eRR Roma Project. MULTIKULTURA organize the User Groups, with the MULTIKULTURA website as an access point for those attempting to access and distribute information. We will provide regular updates as well as an opportunity for individuals to download and use the resources.

About e-RR project

The project serves for Assisting and supporting the processes of integration and education of the Roma, the e-RR platform has been designed based on previous experiences, projects results, and examples of good practice. A transnational and educational platform is intended for a specific group of professionals and the Roma, whose divergent needs are carefully taken into consideration. This selection of information, materials and project results covers an overview of all the import_ant aspects in the field of Roma integration and it offers possible dissemination and the application of project results in the forthcoming practice.

Association THE THREE TOR brings together people who for many years actively involved in activities for local communities, implementing projects in the field of culture and art, as well as on how to solve social problems such weighty the fight against unemployment. These projects are implemented in cooperation with other governmental organiozacjami, local governments, as well as state authorities.

Now THE THIRD TRACE is carrying out two projects in the Project Partner Grundvig - The "Learning for life" Grundvig.

The project entitled Understanding and supporting Young Adults with Specific Learning Difficulties (YASPELD)
The project involving six partners from Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Sweden and Poland
Project duration: 01.08.2012 - 07.31.2014.

The main objective of the international partners of the project is to create teaching aids for people diagnosed with dyslexia SPLD All interested are invited to visit the project website:

The project entitled
Exploring New Technologies and Approaches In Art Education for Adults (ETNA)
The project involving six partners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Czech and Poland
Project duration: 01.08.2012 - 07.31.2014.


ETNA is a special project for seniors to increase their  participation in mulitcultural world of new technologies.

The international dimension of the project leads to the exploring of multiculturalism and directly incites an active life (participating in transnational meetings). It also offers seniors the opportunity to learn new technologies and to use them in practice for international communication.

Here are the photos of the ETNA project participants (museum institutions in Oostende and Brugge, Belgium)

The Association is launching a project called "To reach the sky", as part of a grant received from the Museum of Polish History - competition "Patriotism of Tomorrow". The "To reach the sky," is associated with Polish aspirations to create its own space program. The project will lead to the digitization of the Association of archival footage devoted to Polish missile test, assembly the footage and conduct interviews with scientists from the Polish Astronautical Society. The resulting materials will be used in the future, as materials for large documentary film.

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