Statutory purpose of the Association is :

01. To promote, initiate and support cultural events and activities related to the particular film, music, theater, dance, and a broad range of innovative audio-visual arts.

02. Promoting Polish culture in the country and abroad.

03. Promoting tolerance and international dialogue and the idea of European integration.

04. Dissemination and implementation of best practices and abroad.

05. Supporting the social activity of citizens, including socially disadvantaged groups.

06. Improving the quality of life.

07. Integrating and local communities to support activities especially in the field of social communication.

08. Animate and encourage civic attitudes.

09. The promotion of social, educational and charitable activities of local communities.

10. Supporting charity, humanitarian activities and participation in various forms of volunteerism.

11. Supporting the activities of the organization, local institutions and citizens working at culture, education, entrepreneurship and the environment.

12. Promoting lifelong learning.

13. Inspirating and support innovative forms of functioning of local actors: public, private and non-governmental organizations.

14. Promoting of corporate social responsibility.

15. Promoting and supporting the activities of the social economy.

16. Promotion and dissemination of new media and technology.17th Educational activities for children and adults.

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